Midtown Trainers is very pleased to welcome Ray Potts to our staff as a personal trainer. Ray was once more than fifty pounds overweight when he decided to make the commitment to change his body for the better. He is now inspired and motivated by his own personal body transformation and realized he wants to help others do the same. Ray is here to help improve the lives of clients by bringing a fun, practical and challenging training regimen to assist others in reaching their fitness, nutrition, and weight loss goals.

Once Ray decided he wanted to pursue a career as a fitness trainer, he enrolled in the National Personal Training Institute and completed a comprehensive six-month course that included 300 hours of classroom studying human anatomy, nutrition and exercise science while also spending 200 hours in the gym for supervised practical training for one-on-one and group instruction. In addition to Ray’s personal training background and weight loss, he is also a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor and certified in TRX training.

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  • Ashtanga Yoga Instructor
  • TRX Certified