battlefrog-image1Battlefrog Training

The Battlefrog obstacle course race series was created by the Navy Seals and Seabees. It’s an 8KM series of 25 obstacles that challenges each Battlefrog racer to go hard until the end. Battlefrog is not for the weary, and it requires your body to be in top physical condition. But worry not, if you’re wanting to enroll in the Battlefrog course series, Midtown Trainers offers specific training for  this race. We’ll get you prepared by providing you with:

Strength Training

Our strength training program is designed to get your muscles in top shape. We’ll help you build the muscle strength that will not only help you complete each obstacle but conquer them. Our strength training program is effective for preparing for obstacle course events.


Our cardioactive program offers much more to the body than just simple cardio. Using cardioactive as a tool for preparing for the Battlefrog obstacle series not only helps you build the stamina to complete each race, but also adds to the strength of your muscles. Combining cardioactive with our strength training will put you on the path to becoming a champion.


Adding a well balanced nutrition plan to strength training and cardioactive will give you the trifecta of obstacle course training. Your body will need fuel for its fire to get through the courses with strength and stamina. Midtown trainers will create a meal plan for you that will be an effective tool for success at the Battlefrog Obstacle Series event.