midtown-hero-mainPrevent Severe Muscle Soreness In Your Fitness Training

When building muscle, it’s important to know what it’s not going to come with hard work and sweat, and pain. And while it may seem like a difficult sacrifice to make, it’s an extremely rewarding process. As you work to create the physique you’ve always dreamed of, you also experience muscle soreness, sometimes for days at a time. To you, we say congratulations. Being sore after a workout is sign that you’ve put in work at the gym, and you can feel the results happening.

Incorporating Healthy Habits In Your Weight Loss Plan

Soreness can’t be prevented, but you can curve the severity of it with a few simple actions before beginning your fitness training. For instance stretching is a great way to prevent the soreness from being too painful. It allows your to gently prepare.

From there go into a warm-up. All too often, people jump into their workouts without being the slightest bit of prepared. Not only does this leave you vulnerable to severe DOMS, but it makes your more susceptible to pulling a tendon or ligament. You can’t expect your muscles to react the way they need to when they’re “cold,” or stiff.

Another fantastic and easy way to lessen the pain of DOMS is by staying hydrated. Obviously this is good for many reasons, but having enough H2O in your system helps to decrease cramping in the muscles. If your fitness training is vigorous, then consider adding electrolytes as well.




Preventing your muscles from experiencing severe DOMS is not only beneficial to your comfort, but it’s beneficial to your weight loss plan. Find out why in our next blog, or contact a personal trainer today.