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In our last blog we talked about the best ways to prevent your body from experiencing severe DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness. While muscle soreness is inevitable, it’s also a sign that all the hard work you’re putting into your personal training and weight loss plan, is working. If you’re not sore, then you’re not doing it right. We want to encourage you to embrace the muscle soreness, so long as you’re practicing good preventive measures as well.

Why would I embrace pain from fitness training? 

Because without pain, there is no gain. Literally, the pain you’re experiencing in your muscles is actually a good thing. Your muscles are swollen with strength, and it’s a beautiful thing. Not only that, it means you’re actually getting stronger, so as sore as you are, you MUST keep going. It’s vital to your growth, and to the success of your personal training and weight loss program.


Eventually your muscles soreness will subside, however, it will come back. Why? Because you’re working hard to lose weight and build muscle. As you work through the pain, and put yourself outside of your comfort zone, you’ll begin to see results and all the pain and stiffness will be worth it.
So when we say, embrace the soreness, we mean to say that you should face the pain of the workout with a fierce, can do attitude, and the soreness will not only decrease, but after a while it won’t even faze you. Continue working with your personal trainer on your weight loss plan and get the body you’ve always dreamed of.14004-cta5