Welcome to Midtown Trainers, your home for weight loss success in Atlanta! Here at Midtown, we are focused on overall health, both inside and out. We aim to provide our clients with guidance in their fitness journey and their journey to better nutrition. We believe that approaching fitness with a good attitude and your greatest effort will not only help you reach your goals, but you will exceed your expectations. Let us walk you through the steps to becoming the healthy person you always knew you could be. At Midtown, we have the personal trainers that will help you do that. Follow our program and watch the weight fall right off. Our personal trainers will show you these three methods to get you in the best shape possible.

  1. CardioActive- Our cardioactive program fuses resistance training and strength training with heart rate monitoring. We believe this method is the best way to build lean muscle.  
  2. Strength and Endurance- We use a hybrid of strength training with equipment like kettlebells and free weights, while also using short bursts of rapid and slow movements to build your endurance. We have found this is a much more effective method for burning calories.
  3. Nutrition – Our personal trainers create a meal plan that will not only give you energy for working hard in the gym, but it will also give your body energy to burn fat and not the muscle you work so hard to gain. It will be tailored for your fitness goals and will help propel your personal training sessions to the max.

Midtown Trainers are among the best personal trainers in Atlanta. If you’re feeling the need to get back in good shape, or even prepare for a fitness challenge, give Midtown Trainers a call and schedule a consultation with our personal trainers today!