Now that you’ve gotten signed up for the ever-so-difficult Spartan Race, it’s time to start training. And while physical and mental training will serve you very well, another aspect you should be considering is proper nutrition. Eating like a Spartan will take your physical training to the next level. Not only will you be fully prepared for the Spartan Race, but you’ll feel the benefits of healthy eating habits. Here are some healthy eating tips to becoming a Spartan.


  1. pH balance is key – Making sure that the food you are eating has a good balance is vital. Limit your diet to few liquids, and if you can stick primarily to water.
  2. Make sure your diet is saturated with fruits and vegetables. Plant foods are versatile and pack quite a nutritional punch.
  3. Focus on the season – Depending on the time of year, certain fruits and vegetables may not be available or aren’t of good quality. Shopping seasonally will also help save you some money.  
  4. Ask a nutritionist or personal trainer – If all else fails, and you seem to be struggling to make meals that are healthy and delicious, a personal trainer with knowledge in nutrition can help you. You may want to consider hiring a personal trainer to help you meal prep. They can tailor your meal plan to the dietary needs necessary for your physical training.
  5. Burn more Calories than you take in – This is an age old rule for losing weight. Making sure that you’re using every bit of fuel that your meal plan will give you is absolutely vital to getting fit.


Preparing for the Spartan Race will test both your physical and mental limits. It’s one thing to have dedication to the workouts themselves, but it takes true discipline to stay on track with your diet. In fact, many personal trainers would agree that the hard part isn’t in the gym, but in the kitchen. Use these tips, and a personal trainer to become the Spartan you dream of being!