For many of us, exercise has been ingrained in us since we were in gym class in grade school. But for those of us that haven’t really worked out seriously or regularly in a very long time, we can make some common mistakes that lead to ineffective workouts, or even worse, no results! Here are some of the most common mistakes people make in their fitness training.

  1. Not Stretching – Before any type of exercise, it’s important that you prepare your body for physical activity, regardless of what it is. Not stretching can lead to injury, either short term or long.
  2. Not Warming Up – Warming up is essential to your fitness training. A warm up not only gets your muscles prepared for more rigorous movement, but it also gets your heart ready as well. You can get your heart rate up in your warm up, so that you can keep it at high levels when exercising.
  3. Improper Form – For those of us that haven’t ever worked out, or haven’t worked out in a long time, it can be an easy mistake to make. You might not be able to feel that your movements and form are incorrect, or might not even know what you’re supposed to be doing on that machine, either way, it’s detrimental to your health. Improper form can lead to injury that lasts a lifetime.


One of the best ways to avoid these mistakes is to hire a personal trainer. They can create a weight loss plan that teaches you not only about exercise, but about nutrition as well. Stay tuned to our next blog for more on the most common mistakes people make in their fitness training