Personal Training And Sacrifice14004-bg1

Working out and getting in shape is always well worth the effort. The results you get from regular exercise is rewarding for a multitude of reasons. But to get the reward, you have to put in the work, or as they say, “no pain, no gain,” and it’s true.  You can’t get the muscle mass or tone that you’re looking for without pushing yourself and experiencing a little bit of the pain that comes with heavy lifting, or cardio. What comes after a solid workout is the soreness.

Some of us look forward to soreness, as though it’s a prize for the work you put in, others see it differently. However you perceive soreness, there are reasons for why you feel sore directly after a workout, as well as days later.

Why is fitness training painful?

Working to build muscle is a great gift to yourself. Finding strength within your own body that you didn’t know you had, or could have is a rewarding experience. It will come at a price, and you pay in hard work and sweat.

What happens when you build muscle is that you’re actually “tearing muscle.” In your muscles are tiny units called myofibrils, and as they “tear,” your body sends white blood cells and an anti-inflammatory called prostaglandins to repair the so-called damage. This, and lactic acid are to blame for what is called DOMS or, delayed onset muscle soreness.

Now that we know what causes muscle soreness, and the fact that it’s a good thing, go out and work on your weight loss and get started with a personal trainer on your fitness training plan today.