In our last blog we spoke of things you should be doing outside of the gym, to make your time inside the gym that much more effective. And while stretching and proper nutrition may seem like a given to those who are working with a personal trainer, to others just starting out, it might not be that obvious.

Now that you’re doing one of the best things you could do for yourself why not go all out? Put in the same efforts at home as you do at the gym, and make healthy choices. Here are some more tips to help you with your weight loss program and fitness training.


  1. Make good choices – Eating out is inevitable. Whether you’ve run out of time to plan a healthy meal, or you have an occasion to meet, going to a restaurant is bound to happen. But this doesn’t have to be the end of your weight loss program. When at restaurant we recommend sitting near a well lit table, preferably by a window. Statistics show that 80 % of people that sit in dark corners will order dessert, and 82% percent of those in well lit areas will order a salad.
  2. Drink Water! – Drinking enough water in a day has weight loss benefits in itself. Not only are you helping your organs to function properly, but you’re working to get much needed toxins out of your body. Not only that, water is necessary! Staying hydrated plays an integral part in staying happy and healthy.


Keeping up with everything that you need to do to be happy and healthy can be hard. But the most worthwhile things in life always are, but in the end it’s all more than worth it.