Welcome back! In our last blog, we told you about the top three of ten mistakes that people make in their fitness training. Executing a weight loss plan is not easy. From the effort you put into each rep of every workout, to the meal planning and nutrition, it requires hard work. We’ll continue to tell you about the many mistakes that one can make when getting back into shape.


  1.    Rushing – Many people rush through their reps when first getting back in the gym. Not only does this show that you’re not challenging yourself, but it shows a lack of dedication. Your reps should be done slowly, because it should be hard. You should also be taking your time with your reps to avoid injury.
  2.    Leaning – We see this happen all the time. People working out on cardio machines      begin to lean and hang onto the rails on the machine. This is completely ineffective for a    workout.
  3.    Skipping, Or Passing Up Ab Workouts – This is a huge mistake, While it may be one of the most difficult aspects of your workout, it’s also the most rewarding. Strengthening your core not only looks great, but feels great. Every other bit of exercise you do will be that much more effective when you have a strong core. We recommend that you avoid ab machines, as you tend to use your head, neck and shoulders, more than your core for those.


When working towards weight loss, it’s important that you fully commit. Do your research before every workout, or ask a personal trainer. Stay tuned to our next blog about even more mistakes people make in their fitness training.