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Yes, Nutrition is a very big factor in getting results! Here at Midtown Trainers, we challenge you to be at your best, which means we will spend some time on your nutrition intake. All of our trainers are expert nutrition coaches, as well. It is important to fuel your cardio training with the proper nutrition to achieve maximum weight loss and lean muscle build.


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Before creating a strategy of how to improve your nutrition intake, we need to know more about your macronutrient profile, your activity level, and your overall work / sleep / stress balance. During the first phase of training, we ask that you keep a journal of everything you eat and drink. In order to give you the additional advice on how to get your body operating at peak levels, we carefully discuss these variables, and how to anticipate them so that they will fit properly into your life.


Detox is a mix of several different juices and is the recommended starting point for almost everyone starting a new workout plan. If you’ve never done one before, it’s not that bad. The pro’s are that you lose a few pounds of water weight, enjoy more mental clarity, increase your nutrient absorption rates, and get refocused on nutritional discipline.

NUT-3Meal Service / Custom Meal plan

We offer several different options for meal plans. One of which includes a meal service; a quick and easy solution to get clean, calorie-controlled, low-carb meals. The other options include custom meal plan which gives our clients exactly what they need to change their physique within the timeline and scope of the plan.

nutrition-image2In the first phase of your personal training, we help you ignite your metabolism, increase your natural digestion and absorption rates so your body will make a sharp transition from being sedentary or from hitting a plateau. Following one static simple meal plan may cause your physique to plateau. With our custom meal plan, which is adjusted anywhere from two weeks to two months, you will find an optimal nutrient absorption, improved digestion, and a stronger lean muscle foundation from which to burn more calories and get rid of fat.

Be aware of any weight loss program that does not have a strong background in nutrition. If you want to get more information about our program, sign up for a complimentary consultation here.

Contact us if you have any questions about our nutrition or meal programs.


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