The first step to building a new workout routine at Midtown Trainers is setting a clear schedule and workout frequency so you get the results you desire in a defined amount of time. During a consultation, we help you define these goals. Once we evaluate your goals, your budget, and an expected timeline to achieve these, we can offer you an exact price for your goals. Step 1: Schedule a consultation


During your first two weeks, we offer priority scheduling for all new clients seeing a personal trainer. In other words, we can make adjustments and move our schedule around to fit your needs. After the first two weeks, the routine is set and our clients have complete control over their workout time. Our clients enjoy the convenience of this online scheduling app that allows them to book a workout in just three clicks. Irregular schedule, no problem…with our scheduling app, you’re in control, schedule, reschedule, or cancel from your phone.


With over sixteen different training plan options to choose from, it’s difficult to know which one is best for you. During a consultation, we can clearly define the best plan for you. Please consider your goals and give us a call. We can offer you guidance on what to do even if we’re not a fit for you. Call Today (678) 233-2925

Please note that in order to get consistent results you need to be completing at least 90 minutes of resistance training every week. Training twice a week can limit your results, but with truly dedicated nutritional discipline, this frequency has seen consistent success over the years. As you might imagine, the more frequently you workout, the faster you will see results.


The online software requires you setup an online account. In about five minutes, you can setup an online account, schedule a consultation or purchase sessions. Start Here

Contact us today to get started on the cardio fitness program that will change your life for the better (and for the long haul!).