Debunking Myths About Fitness, Exercise, and Weight-Loss

When it comes to fitness, there are tons of ideas, information, tips, tricks, and shortcuts that claim to be the best and fastest solution to a better body. As someone who is looking to get into better shape, it’s important that you educate yourself with real facts, rather than alternative ones. Here are some of the most dangerous fitness myths you need to avoid.

“No Pain, No Gain.”

This just isn’t true. One of the most important aspects of exercise is listening to your body. Pushing your body to the point of pain can cause serious injury. At its worst, working out will be uncomfortable, but it won’t outright hurt. If you feel like you might have injured yourself, it’s better to stop and take a break than try to push yourself too far and injure yourself.

“Rest Days Aren’t Necessary.”

In order to get the most out every single workout, your body needs to be in it’s best condition. Your body needs rest in order to perform at it’s best and without rest, you could cause yourself harm. Over-exerting your body can lead to exhaustion and injury.

“Hydrate Before You’re Thirsty.”

How many times have you heard this one?
This myth is dangerous in that overhydration is dangerous in itself. The technical term for it is hyponatremia, which is when your blood sodium concentration is too low. This can cause nausea, dizziness and, in some cases, can even be fatal.

“Running Is Bad for Your Knees.”

A study conducted by Stanford University found that the knees of long-time runners were no worse than those knees belonging to athletes who avoid running. However, in order to prevent future knee problems, it’s important to add a total-body strength workout to your regimen.

“You Need to Spend at Least an Hour in the Gym to Gain the Benefits”

Any time in the gym is beneficial to your health. Even if you just went for a ten-minute run every day you would start to feel better. Some studies show that short spurts of exercise actually have better results than prolonged workouts do.

“Yoga Isn’t Good Exercise”

Wrong! Depending on the type of yoga you’re doing, it can be a great workout. But another reason why yoga is great for your body is because it complements cardioactive training so well. As you build strength and endurance through other fitness avenues, yoga simply reinforces your other efforts, while also helping with muscle soreness and tightness.

“Doing Crunches Will Give Me a Six-Pack”

Not quite. Getting a six pack requires so much more than just doing crunches. One of the biggest aspects of getting a cut core is nutrition. Eating the right food will help you to beat belly fat. Another way to get abs is with back workouts. These exercises will help strengthen the core overall, and give you a more balanced core as well.

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