Personal Training and Developing Good Habits

When it comes to developing healthy habits, there is a multitude of things you could be doing to improve your health. With the access to information that we have today, you can find multiple outlets for creating weight loss plans on your own.  Regardless of what you read on the internet for health and wellness, there are other external forces that could be sabotaging your healthy efforts. It’s important to know how to recognize theses saboteurs and how to combat them. Here are some things that could be negatively affecting your weight loss efforts and how you can fight them.

Saboteurs of Weight Loss Plans

  • Friends and Family – This isn’t a dig at your loved ones. But if they aren’t on the same track as you, they could be ruining your efforts to get healthy.
    Between happy hours and weekend plans, the unhealthy habits they exhibit can become your own and keep you from getting in shape.  The best way to
    combat this is by just saying no. Take a pass on the happy hour or high-calorie lunch as much as you can.

  • Work – This is especially true if you have a desk job. If your sit for most of your day, find time to walk around. Make it a point to take a walk outside or around your office every couple of hours. You should also consider going for a run at lunch to stay super healthy!

Does this come as a surprise to you? If so, take a second to think about it. How often are you sitting at your desk and not doing anything to combat it? How often do your friends and family try to convince you to skip the gym and go drink instead? Answer honestly, and if you realize this is a frequent occurrence then it’s time to develop a backbone and just say no.  Working with a personal trainer can help you learn better habits, including saying no to bad habits. Develop a weight loss plan today and stick to it. Call our fitness trainers in Atlanta today and start getting in shape.

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