Getting in shape is a long road to be traveled, especially if you have ignored your physical well being for a long time. But as you have a lot of ground to cover, that just means you have that much progress to make.

So now that you have hired a personal trainer, it’s important that you’re doing everything in your power to get back in shape and see that progress. One of the most important aspects of working out and personal training is to make sure that you’re using the right form. Here are the top six reasons you should be concerned with your form.

  • Optimal Results – Using the right form when you’re working out takes discipline and focus. When you workout alone or with your trainer, using the proper form will challenge your muscles, causing them to work harder, and get better results.
  • Muscle Memory – When you first start out with your personal trainer you might find that your form doesn’t look that great. This aspect of getting in shape only comes with time, and the more you do it, the more your muscles will recognize what the best form is and will continue to build on that path.
  • Avoid Injury – Trying to rush the process or ignore it all together will not only lead to less than great results but more importantly, it can lead to injury. You could end up seriously hurting yourself if you don’t use the proper form, which is not only unhealthy, but it’s a setback. It could keep you from working out with your fitness trainer altogether.
  • Avoid Lameness – It can be really tiring for your muscles to use the wrong form. Instead of using your muscles the right way, you expend energy on bad form, which means less reps and early exhaustion.
  • Bad Muscle Form – Not lifting and working out properly can lead to muscles that don’t build and form properly. If you’re going for a bulky look, it’s important to follow the same movements, every time. Not doing so is less effective, and it will take more time to achieve the look that you seek.
  • Encouragement – When you’re using the proper form, you build your muscles in a more effective way. This leads to overcoming challenges in the gym and with every triumph comes the belief that you can do it.

Getting the most out of your personal training plan is important to your progression. Eat well, practice the right form, and be committed to your health, and you and your personal trainer will see the results that you seek.