Let’s face it, you’re out of shape, which is why you’re here. And really, that’s just fine. Many of us are out of shape and need to get back into it. Everyday, we see fit people working out and getting their exercise, whether it’s on TV and in magazines, or in everyday society. What’s important to remember is one, everyone has a different body type with different issues, and two, what you see in the magazines isn’t always healthy. One of the infamous things you see magazines littered with are thigh gaps.

Why is this a problem?

Oftentimes, these thigh gaps on the models that grace the pages of magazines are photoshopped in. Meaning that your goals for getting in shape should be focused on getting healthy, not skinny. Fit is much sexier than sickly, and working for an unattainable thigh gap could pose health risks and take a toll on your weight loss efforts.

Another reason that thigh gap should not be your goal is because your personal trainer is looking to make you a physically strong individual. Thigh gap is actually associated with eating disorders and body dysmorphia, which goes beyond your physical health, and it affects your mental health in a negative way.

For some people, thigh gap will come with the growth of muscle, simply because they are losing weight, but they also have the body type and bone structure that allows for it to exist naturally and healthily. It should also be understood that even overweight people can have a thigh gap, but again, it has a lot to do with body type.

Instead of setting a goal to get skinny and attain a thigh gap, perhaps set a goal for strong, toned legs. Not only will you be much healthier, but your goals are more likely to be achieved. When you work with a personal trainer in Atlanta, they’ll help you to set realistic and healthy goals that will help you earn a body that’s strong, fit, and sexy. If you work hard, your personal training will be a success, and you won’t be worried about thigh gap any longer.

If you are interested in working with a fitness trainer on creating a weight loss plan, call the professionals at Midtown Trainers. They have the skill, certification, and knowledge to help you set healthy weight loss goals, but can also create a nutrition plan that will help you to achieve the strong and healthy body you once had.