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programs-image1Get RESULTS with a comprehensive approach:

Trying to create, evaluate and adjust your workout is practically impossible unless you’re an expert. Are you tired of guessing at your workout?  With our CardioActive program and our 1-on-1 approach you can be confident that your results will come from a proven process refined over the past fifteen years! 

By working with in a 1-on-1 approach, we can focus on creating the absolute best personal training experience, and this means better results faster and long-lasting lifestyle change. From your first workout, we conduct an endurance test, measure body composition, flexibility, and take measurements. We also provide motivation, goal setting, and ongoing nutritional accountability. That’s it – we make it easy and fun with clear and concise guidance.

EXPECTATION – How do we meet you at your level?   

Since everyone has different needs, we use a variety of fitness testing methods. During a JumpStart Session we evaluate all of these tests and set your goals. We provide weigh-ins and track your progress so that you will not only feel better, have more energy, and look better, but also see your results on paper.  

leanmuscle-icon1.) Body Fat & Lean muscle
– In Phase I and every three weeks thereafter your body composition measurement are collected through biometric impedence testing (painless, easy/quick). Your body composition and goals are set with clear quantitative expectations on a specific timeline. This will serve as a blueprint to help guide and motivate you! Understanding your fitness goals and a set of nutritional expectations is just the beginning of this journey.

endurance-icon2.) Endurance / Cardio Assessment – we coach you on how to use a fitness tracker to manage your fatigue and set the best pace for your workout. This prevents over-exertion and helps make for a much better workout. We also use a fitness tracker so you can see the calorie burn results of your workout on your cellphone.

target-icon3.) Goal Setting – SMART goals (Specific/Measurable/Achievable/Realistic/Time-bound)

measure-icon14.) Progress Tracking– constant improvement requires constant evaluation, so we’re taking your measurements and setting goals every 3 weeks.

picture-icon5.) Pictures and Measurements – See your progress in a side-by-side comparison picture – see these on our success stories page.

schedule-icon6.) Online scheduling – We setup your online access – you get complete control over scheduling!

check-icon7.) Nutritional support – We ask for a completed 5-day food journal in your phase 1 (1st 10-14 days) and periodically throughout your training so we can keep accountability. Once you’re out of routine, we can prevent you from going back to your bad habits.

relocate-icon8.) Remote/Travel Support relocate workouts, create remote workouts via Skype, and go the extra mile because we’re committed to keeping you on a consistent schedule so your results stay on track.

prize-icon9.) BURN Board Challenge – We have weekly Burn Board Challenges where you can compete to win prizes!

when you join!

EXPECTATIONS – How do we Challenge you?

Nobody likes being pushed beyond their limit. We often find that clients are working out harder than is necessary, and once they start using our fitness tracking program, their result improve with less work. As an expert, our trainers take full responsibility of keeping you in your target heart-rate zone for getting results without pushing beyond your limit. Our trainers are uniquely skilled on how to communicate with you so they can identify your tolerance for the varied levels of aerobic activity. Our team continues to develop an awareness of and appreciation for the delicate balance of effective intensity! We are not the trainers you see on TV with bullhorns screaming at you; we use exclusively positive re-enforcement to encourage you and motivate you so you can feel good about making progress and achieving your goals. We are using cutting edge technology to monitor your progress and set clear goals.

EXPECTATIONS – Do you provide anything other than a workout?

YES – we provide ongoing nutritional support, accountability, motivation, and simple easy to follow instruction.  Accountability is critical, so we discuss your work/life schedule and schedule according to your needs.  During a first session we listen to your goals, record the overall vision, and decide together on a plan of action on a set timeline. One step at a time, we coach you on how to reach your goals while providing accountability and encouragement along the way. With our simple three step process, you’re working smarter not harder and getting the absolute most out of every minute of your workout.

EXPECTATIONS – Are your workouts for people like me?

Every exercise and every movement needs to be precise to get great results. We target your body, your physique, and work around your injuries or surgeries. In our customization process, you can expect professionally guided instruction; clear and precise guidance specific to your body.

programs-image3EXPECTATIONS – What kind of Nutritional support do you offer?  

The 3-step process to optimizing your body’s metabolic system is discussed in detail in your first day of training. In our CardioActive program, we focus on nutrition with a lifestyle based approach. All of our trainers can share this process with you and help give you the best and latest knowledge on how to get the most out of your body.  Here are a few of the many topics we discuss in training: Hydration for weight-loss. Glycogen – what is it? Detoxing – what’s the best type of detox? Nutrient Timing – how important is your nutrient intake timing. We discuss the pro’s and cons of timing your intake and stabilizing your blood sugar. Carbohydrate loading – three different strategies for long-distance athletes. Fat-burners – are they safe? Thermogenics – what are they? How do they work? Micronutrients – which ones are best for me.  Protein supplement – how do I know what’s in this product?  Macro-nutrients – what’s the ideal blend of Carbs/Fats/Protein. How to gain lean muscle while working out.

With hundreds of happy clients and well over a decade of 1-on-1 personal training success, you know you’re getting the best personal training experience, period.

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