spartan-runner1Spartan Run Training

The Spartan Race has quickly become one of the most popular obstacle course races in the nation. However, it is also one of the most difficult. The Spartan Race is a course that challenges the mind, body, and spirit. The Spartan Race requires you to dig deep, work hard, and prove your resilience.

Preparing your body for such a challenge requires hard work and dedication. With the combination of self discipline and our Spartan Race Training,  you can guarantee a strong finish in the race. To help you get prepared, we provide you with:

Strength Training

Our Strength training program is sure to give you the necessary tools to become a Spartan finisher, and maybe even a champion. We train your muscles, not only to become strong enough to handle the challenges throughout the race, but also to mentally prepare you by giving you the confidence to face adversity with grace.


Cardioactive training combines building strength with building cardiovascular stamina. In order to make it through each obstacle with vigor, your body must be properly trained. Midtown Trainers is ready to get you started on the path to becoming one of the greatest Spartans that ever graced their courses.


Just like any other type of training, your body requires proper nutrition. Treating your food as fuel for your fire is a sure way to get your body in shape for the Spartan Run. Help thrust your Spartan Race training into the next level by giving your body the proper nutrition it so desperately craves.