DSC00039Tough Mudder Training Plan

The Tough Mudder Race is one of the most popular obstacle course challenges out there. The Tough Mudder is more than just a race though, it’s a challenge. A challenge that requires stamina, teamwork and the ability to face adversity with a ferocious can-do attitude.

But preparing for such a challenge requires training. At Midtown Trainers, we provide those training for the Tough Mudder with the tools that will thrust them into success. We’ll get you prepared for victory with:

Strength Training

They don’t call it the Tough Mudder for no reason. No, the Tough Mudder Champions will be strong, both mentally and physically. Tough Mudder Training is no joke, and at Midtown Trainers, we take it very seriously. We take you to the next level.


Our cardioactive training is perfect for Tough Mudder Training. This aspect of our program at Midtown gives you the endurance to not only complete each course, but it gives you the strength to keep going, even when the going gets tough.


A part of Tough Mudder Training is fueling your body with the proper food. Not only will you feel healthier, but you will be more prepared to face the Tough Mudder challenge.

If you’ve signed up to become a Tough Mudder, you and your teammates need to come prepared. Midtown training offers individual training, as well as training for your team. Let us put you on the path to success in becoming a Tough Mudder!